Top 4 Tips for Planning Your RV Road Trip

Whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned traveler, you’ll find that hitting the road in your new or used RV makes for a vacation that’s unlike any other! Here are some of our top tips for planning your RV road trip.

Travel In The Right RV

When shopping for a new or used RV, you want something that fits and accommodates your family’s needs – as well as your family’s vacation style! Think about your traveling preferences. Do you love freedom, flexibility, spontaneity, and taking the scenic route? Something like a lightweight travel trailer or a Class B motor home may suit your needs best. If you prefer a luxury vacation and don’t mind trading a bit of flexibility, consider a Class A motor home – or even a luxury fifth wheel.

RV Travel Tips

Know Your Route & Adjust Your Travel Time

Traveling in an RV is quite a bit different than traveling in a regular vehicle! You’ll want to plan for your route by learning about clearances, weigh restrictions on bridges, switchbacks, steep grades, or even gas station parking lots.

RV Travel Tips

Speaking of parking, you’re definitely going to want to plan ahead on this one. Make a list of the stops you want to see and either check out their website or contact them in advance to find out about their parking availability. The last thing you want is to show up and have no place to park!

Also, because maneuvering a new or used RV is considerably different than your everyday vehicle, you will want to adjust your speed and expectations around travel time, such as slower speeds or longer/more frequent fuel stops. You may find that driving or towing an RV requires more focus, so you might experience driving fatigue sooner. Take that into consideration and allow yourself shorter driving days to get to where you’re going!

Budget for the 3 F’s

When you’re traveling, the top expenses you’ll find are for fuel, food, and campground fees. One way you can budget for fuel is to know your vehicle’s tow rating and your approximate MPG. Budget for food by making a meal plan and sticking to it! And one way you can save on overnight stays is to utilize free parking lots like Walmart or Cracker Barrel on your overnight stops en route to your final destination.

Make Your Reservation in Advance

This one is simple. Make your campground reservations well in advance. Believe it or not, campgrounds can fill up pretty quickly, and oftentimes months in advance. Make your reservations and save the cut-off cancelation window to your calendar, in the event that you do have a chance of plans.

Hopefully these tips for planning your RV road trip will help your vacation go even more smoothly! Contact us today if we can help you choose the right new or used RV for your travels!

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