3 Scenic Drives You’ll Want to Take This Fall!

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination! When you use your new or used RV to enjoy America’s scenic drives and scenic byways, you can truly enjoy every minute of your vacation – well before you arrive at the campground!

Fall Scenic Drives

Whether you live in Minnesota, Iowa, or Nebraska, AC Nelsen can help you enjoy your own scenic drive this fall. Check out some of our recommendations below!

Scenic Byways in Minnesota

One of the most beautiful scenic byways in Minnesota is the Apple Blossom Scenic Drive in the eastern part of the state. You’ll see rolling hills of apple orchards with plenty of opportunities to stop in for fresh, local apple cider and fresh apples in your favorite variety.

Fall Scenic Drives

There’s still time to enjoy this scenic drive this fall, but the opportunities remain plentiful even as winter moves in. The website mentions the following:

Winter provides a picturesque landscape as the hills and apple trees are blanketed with snow and winter birds move into the area.

Get more information here, or take a look at Minnesota’s scene byway options here.

Scenic Byways in Iowa

The Western Skies Scenic Byway of Iowa is a 140-mile stretch that offers you a visual feast!

Fall Scenic Drives

The website offers this tantalizing description:

Looking to broaden your horizon? Look no further than the Western Skies Scenic Byway. Here you will find larger-than-life horizons, colorful prairie landscapes, golden rolling meadows, and clear streams. Lose yourself in the miles of Americana as you explore Danish villages, windmills, gorgeous apple orchards, and nature preserves.

Check out more information here and other scenic byways in Iowa here.

Scenic Byways in Nebraska

Nebraska has plenty of scenic byways to enjoy! One in particular you might enjoy as a day trip is the Lewis & Clark Scenic Byway. The website includes the following:

Farmland, rolling hills, Missouri River bluffs, and spectacular autumn colors await you along the Lewis and Clark Byway. It’s a land of beauty and wonder that is sure to bring out the explorer in anyone.

Fall Scenic Drives

This byway is an incredible stretch of open road and you’ll love exploring it! Check out more information here and some other scenic byways in Nebraska here.

Wherever you’re heading this fall, we’re ready to help you get on the road safely and confidently! Contact us today to schedule some RV service before you hit the road!

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