Winnie Drop Teardrop Travel Trailers: 3 Features to Enjoy

The Winnebago Winnie Drop Teardrop travel trailers for sale here at AC Nelson RV bring together the comfort of today with the look of yesterday. This RV comes with a unique design that is sure to be the envy of everyone at the campground. Take a look at this fun and beautiful camper and see the features that set it apart.

Winnebago Winnie Drop Teardrop Trailers
Get an unique design and comfortable features in our Winnebago Winnie Drop Teardrop travel trailers!

1. Lightweight

The teardrop shape of the Winnie Drop along with the innovative aluminum framing will contribute to an increase in the aerodynamics of the trailer and a decrease in its weight. These features put together will make for a camper that is easy to tow with smaller cars. Plus, you’ll find that you will get better gas milage to help save you some money on your vacations.

2. Retro Exterior

Everything about the exterior of this Winnebago travel trailer will remind you of campers from years ago. With eight different retro color options as well as a Woody graphic, you can choose the design you want to perfectly suit your style while still getting the same, fun exterior look.

Winnebago Winnie Drop Teardrop Trailer Interior
The interior will come with everything you need for the perfect vacation.

3. Interior Comforts

Once you step inside the Winnie Drop Teardrop, you will see plenty of today’s comforts. With both a full kitchen and a combination bathroom, everything you need to be comfortable at the campground will be right at your fingertips. And when it’s time to sleep, items such as the convertible dinette and master bed will be perfect.

With these Winnebago Winnie Drop Teardrop travel trailers, you can enjoy both comfortable living as well as a fun, unique design. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about this amazing RV, or feel free to just stop on by AC Nelsen to take a tour for yourself. We are positive you will love every piece of this camper.

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