We’re Ready to Assist with Quarantine Housing for Your Corporate Needs

Covid-19 has changed the face of our communities, our healthcare system, and our world. At AC Nelson RV World, we’re committed to helping you get through the pandemic crisis.

You shouldn’t have to face complications when needing to utilize quarantine or isolation housing. When you have known exposure to or have even tested positive for Covid-19, you need to make the necessary adjustments to keep yourself, and your loved ones, as safe as possible. But not everyone has separate living quarters available, and pitching a tent to live in your backyard indefinitely isn’t realistic. That’s where we can help.

Quarantine Housing

Use Commercial Trailers for Quarantine Housing

AC Nelson has commercial trailers available for those in need of personal shelter or quarantine housing. Whether you have residential or commercial property, our trailers are ready for temporary placement for corporate housing. You can trust that they’re fully equipped with modern amenities. One of the perks of RVing already is that it’s fully self-contained and portable, so you can also rest assured knowing you have everything you need for temporary housing all in one space.

Commercial Assistance for a Variety of Needs

From hospitals to government agencies to public utilities and more, we can supply temporary on-site commercial housing that helps get you, your company, and your family through this time. Find out more about what we offer and how we can help with temporary Covid-19 quarantine housing here.

We’re Ready to Help

Covid-19 is stressful enough without the burden of finding separate housing. We are ready to assist you or your company if you have any needs for quarantine housing, so that as we make it through this difficult time, you can stay safely separate and have some peace of mind.

Have questions? Contact us right away at each of our locations:

  • OMAHA Nebraska: 402-333-1122
  • SHAKOPEE Minnesota: 952-496-9000
  • ATLANTIC Iowa: 712-243-2322

We’re ready to help you stay well and healthy!

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