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One thing that we like to do at AC Nelson is bring people in the RVing world together, and one of the best ways to do that is with food. That is why we have a web page specifically designed to allow our customers to share their favorite campsite recipes while getting new ideas from others.

All you need to do is click on the “Submit Your Recipe” button and fill out the form! It will immediately be sent to us, and we’ll make sure to put it up on the website.

Submit Your Recipe
Just fill out this form and share your recipes!

For example, maybe you want to share a family favorite main dish such as Hobos. This is a classic campground meal because it is customizable, easy to make, and cooks right in the embers of  your campfire. Just lay out ground hamburger on a piece of foil and pile on all the extras you want. Items like corn, hash browns, onions, mushrooms, cheese, and more will all add to the flavor and fun! Then roll up the Hobo in the foil and put it in the fire. So easy!

Campfire Hobos
Share and get great recipes like Hobos for your next RVing trip.

Or what about a fun and unique dessert for the campsite? Do you make your S’mores with marshmallow Peeps or dunk strawberries in marshmallow fluff and roast them over the fire? Whatever fun, interesting, and tasty treats you and your family have developed over years of RVing at the campground, feel free to share them with us.

Then, check out the recipes that have already been posted and then make sure to share a few of your own. And to find out more ways that we make the RVing experience better, be sure to contact us. Or just stop on by our locations to take a look at the many new and used RVs that we have on our lot, and get ready to start RVing in style!

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