RV Meal Tips to Save You Time, Space, and Money!

As you start to plan your camping trips in your new or used RV, keep these RV meal tips in mind. They can help save you space, time, and money on meals.

Save Space

Full size grocery items take up space! Don’t let your pantry items, like spices, eat up more space than they really need.

RV Meal Tips

Conserve the space you’re using in your RV’s pantry by portioning off smaller quantities. For instance, a salt and pepper set are frequently the only spices we use more than “a pinch” of while cooking a hot meal, and I like to portion off spices and seasonings into miniature food storage bags. All the bags fit compactly into a small food storage container, and that takes up considerably less space than all of the individual spice jars.

Save Time

Consider pre-assembly on several of your meals. Cook ground beef or sausage in advance, and combine with other ingredients in a gallon size food storage bag.

RV Meal Tips

Freeze flat (this is also a significant space saver!), and you’ll be able to pull a dinner meal in the morning, transfer the contents to a slow cooker, and have your dinner going before the breakfast dishes are cleared! Soups and casseroles are both meals that tend to freeze well since all of the ingredients end up mixed together.

Save Money

Make a meal plan – and stick to it. It’s easy to overspend your meal budget if you don’t have a plan for the meals you intend to cook yourself and the meals you intend to eat out. It’s easy to get to the end of a long day and opt for eating out because you’re too tired to cook (we’ve all been there!), but if you have a meal plan that outlines which meals you’re having which nights, it’s easier to stay on track and not end up spending more money on food expenses than you’d planned.

RV Meal Tips

We’d love to help you choose the perfect new or used RV for your family’s needs – including the storage and pantry space in your RV’s kitchen, or even an RV with an outdoor kitchen option! Contact us today!

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