New to RVing? Use These RV Tips Before Traveling This Spring

You might be feeling concerned that Covid-19 will continue to disrupt your plans for the year, and while it may take awhile to get back to a semblance of “normal,” many families are happy to know they can still enjoy traveling, and especially in the form of camping trips in a new or used RV. Here are some RV tips you may want to keep in mind as you plan your vacations this year.

ALP Truck Camper

Shop Online for a New or Used RV

Let’s face it: maybe you’ve already had to cancel your vacation because of flight or other travel restrictions. Now is the best time to consider buying a new or used RV. It may take modifying your vacation destinations, but there are countless fantastic places to visit – so don’t waste any more time. Make your list of all the parks and monuments you’ve ever wanted to see and start planning a trip!

You can absolutely shop online for a new or used RV. We have loads of pictures, features, and details on each of our listings, and we can also provide virtual tours. Need more photos, a virtual tour, or have questions? Just ask. Contact us and we can help you out!

Get Pre-Approved

Our RV financing options make buying a new or used RV easy and headache-free. Start here and get the ball rolling on pre-approval. Our financing is both competitive and affordable, which means you can buy an RV at a price that your budget allows comfortably. It doesn’t have to break the bank in the least – you may even spend less on a brand new RV than a conventional vacation…and the RV will allow you years upon years of vacations. It will pay for itself many times over! RVing is far more affordable than many people realize. Start the pre-approval process here.

Be Willing to Stay Flexible

As you make your travel plans and reservations, find out from your campgrounds if they have any Covid-19 related guidelines or restrictions. Parks and campgrounds are certainly reopening, but it may be at a slower pace and there might be restrictions. Make sure to ask any questions you may have upfront so that you’re not in for any surprises.


If you’re new to RVing, we can help you transition to this kind of vacationing easily and smoothly. You may find that a silver lining in Covid-19 is the discovery of a new way to enjoy fantastic vacations with your family. Contact us today!

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