It’s Fish House Season! Learn More In this Ice Castle Fish House Review!

With winter moving in, it is officially ice fishing season which means it is time for you to check out the Ice Castle Fish Houses for sale at AC Nelson RV World! With these RVs, you can enjoy the pastime you love in the warmth and comfort only brought by a camper. Check out how you can ice fish in style in this Ice Castle Fish House review!

Ice Castle Fish House
It’s Fish House Season! Get ready for modern day ice fishing!

Stay Warm Easier

Fishing out on a frozen lake or pond can be quite a cold and uncomfortable experience, but when you have an Ice Castle, you’ll find that staying warm is a synch. Additions such as the thermopane windows and R7 fiberglass insulation in both the walls and the ceiling will help keep the warmth inside and cold outside. So you can catch the fish you want without shivering in the process.

Just the Right Fit

Ice Castle Fish House Interior
Stay comfy in all weather!

These fish houses come in a whopping 57 floorplans, so you can find the exact size and look that you want. With multiple exterior color options such as red, blue, grey, and even camo colored, pick and choose the design you desire while still getting one of the largest portable ice houses available today! Plus, each model will come with comfortable places to rest and relax, entertainment options, and even a full 3-piece bathroom to take care of all of your needs.

More Fishing

Ice Castle Fish House Fishing Holes
Drop more lines through the multiple fishing holes.

But what really is the goal of going ice fishing: TO CATCH FISH! Luckily, the Ice Castles comes with multiple fishings hole covers located around the interior, so you will have plenty of places to drop a line. The comfortable seating around these holes will only increase the amount of time you can spend doing what you love to do.

Get ready for this fish house seasons with one of our Ice Castle Fish Houses! To learn more about these innovative RVs, be sure to contact us or come to our location today!

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