Ice Fishing is Here! Check Out Our Ice and Fish Houses for Sale!

Ice fishing season is just around the corner!

Ice fishing is a fantastic pastime for many. If you’re ready to hit the ice with a fishing buddy or two for a long weekend expedition, you’ll want to be well prepared. So pack up your fishing rods, tip-ups, or spears, and grab your ice cutting tools. Finally, take a look at your fish house. If you’ve rented your ice and fish house in the past, or if the one you own is lacking, now is a great time to look at our ice and fish houses for sale, and take advantage of the amenities they include.

Ice and Fish Houses


This 2020 Ice Castle Fish House for sale includes five fishing holes, and plenty of space to sleep up to four people. There’s an upper bunk and a convertible dinette, with plenty of room at the table to enjoy a hot meal straight from the oven or three burner cooktop.

Ice and Fish Houses


If you want even more holes to fish from, check out this 2020 Cherokee Grey Wolf 16BF fish house for sale from Forest River RV. It includes eight fishing holes, so you can get even more lines in the water. You’ll also love the designated rod storage compartments which allow you to bring along all the gear you need.

Ice and Fish Houses

This ice and fish house for sale also features two dinettes, with a flip up bunk above each one. This unit also includes an outdoor hot and cold shower, and an indoor HDMI entertainment center, so you can stay comfortable during your entire fishing expedition.


These are only a couple of our ice and fish houses for sale, and we have several options in our inventory to compare. Are you ready to head out for a fantastic ice fishing season with your buddies in your ice and fish house? If it’s time for an ice and fish house upgrade, take a look at our ice and fish houses for sale, and contact us today. We’re ready to help you get on the road – and out on the ice – for your best ice fishing season yet.

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