3 RV Tips for Working Remotely from Your RV

The last couple of years have shown countless Americans that working from home – while once uncommon – is a completely feasible opportunity more often than not. If you are a travel bug, you can work from your home on wheels and enjoy the best of both worlds! Here are our top RV tips for working remotely from your RV.

RV Tips for Working Remotely

Stick to Your Schedule – and Your Workspace

Often, remote work allows you to work on the hours or schedule that is best for you (in fact, the author of this blog is sitting at one of her kid’s ballet dress rehearsals as she writes). If you have some flexibility around your work schedule, choose which hours during the week you’re most productive and leave the rest for fun excursions or travel days.

RV Tips for Working Remotely

If you have less flexibility around the hours you log, then be intentional about the activities you choose to do in your free time. Scout out local offerings and try new things!

Also, use the workstations many of our new and used RVs for sale offer! Motorhomes often have passenger side workstations, and more and more RVs are offering desks as well. Just ask us to recommend some models with these amenities!

RV Tips for Working Remotely

Back Up Power & Connectivity

Working remotely means you’ll need an extra power store to be a backup. Ppark in areas that allow your new or used RV’s solar panels to charge and pack along several charged power banks..

RV Tips for Working Remotely

Additionally, be prepared to utilize a hotspot connection on your cellular service plan. While many campgrounds and RV parks offer WiFi, connection can be spotty, and you’ll want to stay connected when it counts.

Make Sure You Have Bars

Speaking of connectivity, working remotely probably means that at the very least, you absolutely need cell service. You can actually check for expected coverage thanks to coverage maps like this one. Try it – it’s a game changer!

RV Tips for Working Remotely

RV Maintenance

One of the things that will make working remotely from your RV easy and successful is making sure your RV is ready for every road trip. This might mean a quick tune up, scheduling some needed repairs, or even going for some upgrades that will make working remotely more convenient. Contact us today to schedule an RV service appointment!

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